Friday, October 2, 2009

Well, let's hope this guy cheers for Ohio State

Well, we're still trying to sort out our feelings about fans who go over the top with their allegiance. Here's the first example of our "Maybe you should expand on your interests and hobbies" guy.

Our first example. This guy is wearing a Kobe Bryant Lakers jersey and a Lakers hat. OK, what's wrong with this picture? Many things. First, he's at a Dodgers baseball game, not a Lakers game. Secondly, you might need a magnifying glass, but he has back hair hanging out. And thirdly, Kobe no longer goes by the No. 8.


See that moron wearing a Red Sox jersey at a Mets-Cardinals game? How about the guy wearing a Pittsburgh Steelers jersey at a Cowboys-Giants football game? Or the Southern Cal jersey at a Florida-Florida State football game? Come on, don't be "that guy."

What Fans Wear is here to show the proper way to dress at a sports event without looking like a moron. We want to make sure you aren't "that guy." Check back often for the Rule Book, the brilliant guide to proper sports attire created by Marc Laureano.
Also keep an eye out for "that guy." Take "that guy's" photo and send it our way. We'll make sure to post it so you can see what not to wear at your next sporting event.